David Skidmore Memorial Floodlight Competition

David Skidmore was Chairman of Levens Bowling Club and the first Secretary of the new SLRBL (formed in 1997) until his death in 1998. This is why his bowls were used to form the trophy and the competition was dedicated in his memory.

The "David Skidmore Memorial Trophy" made by Janis Labsvirs of Levens, features David's Bowls mounted on a base with name plates of past winners since 1997.

The original floodlight competition for 1997 - 2000 was a mini league, 8 players in doubles matches, played at Levens Bowling Club. From 2001, with the increase to 12 teams forming the SLRBL, the competition changed to a "knock out" basis at 2 host clubs from the SLRBL.

The competition, over 4 weeks, are played on Friday evenings, under floodlight, commencing on the Friday following the end of the SLRBL fixtures. It will be played at 5 host club venues over 5 weeks, on a "knock out" basis, the Semi Finals and Final alternating between the 5 host clubs each year.

For 2018 the competition will be hosted by - Hale K. A. [Wks 1,2.], Burton [Wk 2], Kirkby Lonsdale [Wks 1]. Victoria (WKs 1, 3,) Netherfield (Wk 4 - Final.) 

Wk 1. First Round September 7th 7.00/8.00pm
Wk 2. Quarter Final September 14th. 7.00/8.00pm
Wk 3. Semi Final September 21st 7.00/8.00pm
Wk 4. Final September 28th 7.30pm

All games will be governed by the “Laws of the Game of Crown
Green Bowls” as printed in the current edition of the Official
Handbook of the British Crown Green Bowling Association.
[EXCEPT we will use a single marker.]
(A copy of the Handbook to be displayed in each clubhouse.)
Standard Jacks shall be used which have been tested and are stamped with a currently valid expiry date.

Practice is not permitted for the “David Skidmore Memorial
Handicapping of players is forbidden in the the “David Skidmore Memorial” games.
No form of “Merit Order” opponent selection shall be permitted.
The two Captains shall draw, in a random fashion, for pairings and for opponents in the “David Skidmore Memorial Competition”.